Length Genre Subgenre

Fresh and Finite

Flash / SF / SF

Written by Aaron Moskalik

Read by Rob Gillespie

Even God gets tired sometimes and needs to talk about his worries and frustrations.

Critical Update Required

Flash / SF / SF

Written by David Bruns

Read by CB Droege

Your heartstrings will be tugged when a low-sentience robot forms an emotional connection to the most innocent of creatures.

A Brief Glimpse of Everything

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by J M Williams

Read by Rob Gillespie

A man heals his pain when he connects with the Earth in this touching and poetic story.

The Custody of Memory

Short / SF / Humour

Written by Paul A Hamilton

Read by Charly Thompson

Memory space is limited, so in a cantankerous divorce after a centuries long marriage how do you figure out who gets to keep the happy memories chip?

At the End of the Eight Volume Epic: All I Want is a Warm Bath and a Good Scroll

Flash / Fantasy / Humour

Written by Steven L Peck

Read by Kenneth Tynan

Our hero's quest is now over, and it didn't finish quite the way he expected.

My Girl Cindy

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Ahmed A Khan

Read by Candice Hunter

Sit down by the fire and let your fairy godmother tell you the real story behind the classic Cinderella fairy tale.

Straying from the Path

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Charity Tahmaseb

Read by Laura K MacDonald

A different and refreshing twist on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

The Way Out

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Read by Jill Raymond

A little girl creates her own reality when faced with the troubles and traumas of her life.

Strike Day

Short / SF / Literary

Written by Marie DesJardin

Read by Larissa Thompson

Touching and emotional, this short story makes you wonder: how would you live out your last day on Earth?

Back at the Cube Farm

Flash / SF / Humour

Written by Brandon Nolta

Read by John-Michael Gariepy

A cheeky flash fiction short story that explores a future where every person's career is dictated by lottery.

Disturb the Fields of Treasure

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Alexandra Grunberg

Read by Thea Killen-Smith

Amidst nature's treasures, a slumbering menace threatens to awaken.

God & The Devil: A Love Story

Flash / Fantasy / Romance

Written by Adam O'Connell

Read by CB Droege

A beautiful and thought-provoking tale on the creation of the earth and the origin of man.

Leap Year

Flash / SF / Literary

Written by Kurt Newton

Read by CB Droege

Humanity must adapt when the winds of time change.

Autumn Waits

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Ken MacGregor

Read by Laura K MacDonald

A poignant flash fiction story that takes us through the beauty and sadness of the change of seasons.

That Was So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

Short / SF / Humour

Written by Richard Zwicker

Read by Larissa Thompson

In a future where robots take over the world, one must ask: if you tell a joke and nobody laughs, is it still a joke?

The Travel Writer

Flash / SF / Humour

Written by Stephen Sottong

Read by CB Droege

A delightful comedy about a day in the life of the universe's leading interplanetary travel writer.

The Beginning

Flash / SF / SF

Written by John Taloni

Read by John-Michael Gariepy

This flash science fiction challenges the idea of Creationism and The Big Bang Theory being mutually exclusive.

The Rebellion

Flash / SF / Humour

Written by Michelle Lore

Read by CB Droege

This comedy asks the question: what do we do if our machines decide they won't work for us anymore?

Time, the Devourer

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Liam Hogan

Read by Thea Killen-Smith

A modern Greek mythology flash fiction tale explores a young woman's discovery that eternal youth is not all she imagined it to be.

The Land of Dreams

Short / SF / SF

Written by Kate O'Connor

Read by Larissa Thompson

A young girl dreams of leaving her family's pig farm and exploring what the universe has to offer.

Letting Go

Flash / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Jennifer R Povey

Read by CB Droege

A widower marvels at yet another near miss with death in this flash fiction urban fantasy story.

Restoration in Twenty-Five Minutes

Short / SF / Action

Written by Sara Codair

Read by Larissa Thompson

This science fiction short story explores a life-changing event from four different perspectives, exploring how much more there is to experience beyond just the facts.

The Posthumous Novel of Edward L. Heard

Short / Fantasy / Fantasy

Written by Laura Blackwell

Read by Larissa Thompson

A diehard fan makes a deal for her favorite science fiction author to finish his epic series in this touching short story.

A Touch of Crystal

Short / Fantasy / Humour

Written by Martin Owton and Gaie Sebold

Read by Larissa Thompson

A new age store clerk encounters magic elves in this delightfully fun humor story that pokes fun at all the paperwork bureaucracy piles on businesses in the name of consumer safety.
Centropy comes from the term centration, which has been introduced by Joseph Bois to indicate what happens when there is a pooling of human energies. It is a concentration of a sort; a uniting as exemplified by a group engaged in a cooperative venture.
- Irving Simon

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